What we stand for

Our Vision

A World Free of
Harmful Chemicals

Today, we are becoming increasingly conscious of our health and our environment. We’re more selective in what we eat and drink and are more aware of how fragile the environment is. Yet few of us give much thought to the products we use in our own homes. Every day, we use cleaning products to scrub plates and make floors and mirrors shine, but we seldom realise that some of those ingredients are harmful to our bodies and our planet.

LAGA believes that information transparency is a basic consumer right. It enables people to make informed decisions about their health and the environment. At LAGA, we make sure that everyone knows what is inside our products. We also believe that house cleaning products should be affordable, efficient, and safe for all.

It’s human nature to strive for a better world, and it only takes a human, not a superhero, to do so. Change starts from small steps, and the first step can be taken in our homes.

A World Free of
Harmful Chemicals

Our Mission

Choosing Health
Should Not
Be a Luxury

Provide safe, efficient, & affordable House
Cleaning products to everyone in Thailand.
Be a sizeable industry player that offers a safe & responsible alternative for house cleaning products.
Educate & share knowledge about house cleaning items and the environment with every person in Thailand.
Enhance day-to-day lives of Thais by always putting their health & wellbeing first through support of sustainable environmental initiatives and constant contribution to the development of the country.

Our Values

  • Reliability
  • Transparency
  • Endless Curiosity
  • Sense of Community